1929 Helpline Unit

1929 unit

1929 child line is the telephone helpline for children in Sri Lanka. "1929" can be contacted free of charge through any telecom provider, from anywhere in the country, at any time of the day, any day of the week, in Sinhala/ Tamil/English languages.

1929 receives information on child abuse and maltreatments and refers them to the appropriate law enforcement agencies for necessary action.

Confidential telephone counseling services available for children with any issue.

1929 respond not only to the emergency needs of the children but also to link them to appropriate services for their long-term care and rehabilitation.

Information gathered through '1929' is referred for investigation and appropriate relief provided by various government stakeholders in child protection. The progress of these relief mechanisms is closely supervised by the sensitive and well-trained staff of NCPA making sure that the best interest of the child is ensured.

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  Head of the unit    

Mrs. Sajeewani Abeykoon

LL.B, LL.M (University of Colombo)
Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy (ISS)

Director – Law Enforcement


Tp: 011-2778911-12-14 (Extension- 269)

M : 077-3984722





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“1929” is the only helpline operating in Sri Lanka which is committed to working towards the maximum benefit of the children of this nation.  Sri Lanka Child Helpline, which was established at the Child Protection Authority in the year 2010 with a view to facilitating the effective and efficient fulfillment of this role, functions as the foremost mechanism of the Authority for receiving complaints related to incidents of child abuse and responding to them promptly. This helpline which functions in all three languages, Sinhala, Tamil and English within 24 hours of the day can be accessed free of charge through any mobile or fixed telephone connection.

Not only any child, but even an adult can also access this child helpline to provide information. This helpline has obtained the live membership of Child Helpline International, too, and is functioning with the objective of responding efficiently and effectively in a child-friendly approach to incidents of abuse to which the children may be subject to. Presently complaints are being received from children, parents, and other members of community covering all parts of the country consequent to which even certain hidden cases of child abuse have been able to be brought to light.

Moreover, with the establishment of “1929” helpline, the Department of Police, on request of the National Child Protection Authority, has implemented a unique mechanism to immediately investigate into the complaints received by this helpline. On the request of the National Child Protection Authority and with the intervention of the Inspector General of Police who was a member of the then Board of Directors of the Authority, the Department of Police issued an internal circular to all the police stations in the country giving instructions on how to take action with regard to the complaints that “1929” child helpline receives. Instructions have been issued through this circular that, when the “1929” complaints have been referred to the relevant police station by the National Child Protection Authority, investigations into such complaints should be initiated immediately and a progress report regarding the same should be sent to the Child Protection Authority within a period of 48 hours. This co-ordination was of immense importance in responding immediately to the large number of complaints received by the Child Protection Authority via“1929” child helpline.

The Child Protection Authority carries out follow up activities including the monitoring of the implementation of the law with regard to these complaints.