History of NCPA

Sri Lanka, as a member State of the United Nations, was a signatory to the Child Rights Convention (CRC) in the year 1990 and ratified it on 12th July 1991. This was followed by the preparation of a Children’s Charter approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, and the establishing of a National Monitory Committee charged with the responsibility to monitor the CRC and also report to the international CRC committee when required.

In December 1996, the Presidential Task Force on child protection was appointed. This body recommended a number of Legal amendments and administrative reforms, which were included in the report of Presidential Task Force.

One of the most important recommendations of the Presidential Task Force was the establishment of the National Child Protection Authority (NCPA), by ACT No.50 of 1998 under the Presidential Secretariat. In the year 2006, a separate ministry was formed to establish a proper protection and welfare mechanism for children and women. NCPA is under the purview of the Ministry of Child Development and Women`s Affairs.

Our Former chairmen/chairpersons
Professor D G Harendra de Silva - former cp > Prof. D G Harendra De Silva
Year 1998 to 2005
Founder chairman of National Child Protection Authority
Dr.Hiranthi Wijemanne  - former cp   Dr. Hiranthi Wijemanne
2005 August to 2006 February
Mrs. Padma Wettawa  - former cp   Mrs. Padma Wettawa
2006 March to 2007 March
Mr. Jagath Wellawatte  - former cp   Mr. Jagath Wellawatte
2007 April to 2010 May
Mrs.Anoma Dissanayaka  - former cp   Mrs. Anoma Dissanayaka (AAL)
2010 June to 2015 January
Dr. Natasha Balendra - former cp   Dr. Natasha Balendra
2015 February to 2017 March
Mrs. Marini De Liwera  - former cp   Mrs. Marini De Liwera (AAL)
2017 April to 2018 April
MR. Aberathna  - former cp   Mr. H M Abayaratne (AAL)
2018 April to 2019 December